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Lemon Sherbet Wax Melts

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Ignite your senses with Lemon Sherbet, a wax melt bursting with the effervescent zest of lemons and a sweet, sugary spark. A scent that brings a lively, cheerful energy to any room.

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Lemon Sherbet Wax Melts


Awaken your home with the zing of Lemon Sherbet, an effervescent delight

Lemon Sherbet is a sparkling celebration of zest and sweetness. This wax melt bursts with the lively scent of freshly squeezed lemons, infused with a sugary fizz that energizes the senses. It's like opening a jar of old-fashioned sherbet – each melt releases a wave of invigorating citrus that's sure to brighten your room and lift your spirits.

Ideal for those who love a vibrant and playful aroma, Lemon Sherbet is perfect for creating an atmosphere that's lively, cheerful, and irresistibly refreshing.

Each pack contains 8 heart-shaped melts, carefully crafted to reflect the bright and bubbly character of Lemon Sherbet.

In line with CharlartsCrafts' commitment to the environment, these melts are eco-friendly, allowing you to enjoy the zesty sweetness of Lemon Sherbet in an environmentally considerate way.

Ready to infuse your home with the lively spirit of Lemon Sherbet? Add this zesty fragrance to your home today.



Usage Information

Use between 1 and 3 hearts per burn. You may reburn the same melts multiple times until the fragrance disapates. The more hearts you use at once the stronger the fragrance. Keep away from children and pets, and do not allow them to ingest.
  • Pack Size: 8 Heart-Shaped Wax Melts
  • Wax Type: Soy Wax
  • Pet Safety: All wax melts are safe for pets, so long as they are not consumed by the pets.
  • Weight: 40g (Approximately 5g per Heart Melt)
  • Fragrance Duration: 6-8 hours per heart
Animal Cruelty Free, Vegan, made from Soy Wax.

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How long does one wax melt last?
Each wax melt will last between 6 to 8 hours of fragrance. This means that you do not need to replace your wax melts after the first burn, you can continually use them until they no longer produce a scent.
What ingredients are in your wax melts?
Our wax melts are made from Eco-Friendly Soy Wax. We purchase the highest quality soy wax available to ensure a long lasting, beautiful scent. All of our wax melts are made with a blend of Soy Wax, Fragrance, Dyes and Mica Powders.
How soon will my order ship after purchase?
We aim to dispatch by next working day (Monday - Friday).
How much is the shipping?
We offer free shipping on all products. We also offer express shipping via DPD at £4.99.
What is your return policy?
We offer a money back guarantee on all wax melts. We believe our wax melts are the best of the best and we stand behind that. For that reason we are more than happy to work with you if you have any issues with any order you make.
Are these wax melts safe with pets & children?
Ensure you keep all wax melts out of reach of children and pets.

All of our wax melts are completely pet-friendly, so long as they do not eat them, but they don't taste very nice!
How should I store my wax melts?
Keep your wax melts in a dry place, out of sunlight to ensure they keep their fragrance. We recommend an airtight container. One option would be to re-use a biscuit tin! Just be careful to ensure children do not think they are biscuits.
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