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At CharlartsCrafts, we believe in the magic of moments. Each wax melt we create is more than just a scent — it's a pause from the hustle, a bridge to tranquility, and a sprinkle of happiness in every corner of your home. Recognizing the weight of daily pressures and the profound effect of fragrances, we passionately craft each wax melt to bring relaxation, stress relief, and joy straight to you. Whether it's the warmth of a cherished memory or the embrace of a calming escape — we cherish the reason why you choose us.


We care about creating the best wax melts possible for you. Every wax melt is handmade in the heart of suffolk just for you to enjoy. We want everyone to be able to experience the mood-boosting, relaxing benefits of using our long lasting wax melts. We help our customers through every step of their journey working with us.


At CharlartsCrafts, we envision a world where every home becomes a sanctuary of relaxation and joy. Our aim is to help our customers escape the stress of everyday life by transforming their homes with our unique, eco-friendly wax melts. We see ourselves as a trusted companion in their journey towards a more serene and tranquil lifestyle. Committed to sustainability, we strive to set an example in the home fragrance industry, showing that high-quality products and environmentally friendly practices can coexist beautifully.


Our mission at CharlartsCrafts is to craft high-quality, long-lasting, eco-friendly wax melts that not only fragrance homes but also lift spirits. As a passionate family business, we're dedicated to transforming each home, room by room, into a haven of relaxation and contentment. Through our commitment to sustainability, exceptional customer service, and a variety of unique fragrances, we aim to offer an unparalleled home fragrance experience. We are not just selling wax melts, we're providing a pathway to tranquility, relaxation, and joy. Each CharlartsCrafts wax melt is a testament to our love for this craft and our commitment to our customers' well-being.


Phone : +447484 120054


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Charlotte, our founder was told she could never work due to her disabilties but her unwavering resolve and passion for arts and crafts lead her towards her dream of running a small handmade business. Charlotte puts her heart and soul into every wax melt.


Fraser Cumming

Fraser, our co-founder is our technical Guru in charge of our website, support, marketing and business planning. He has helped pick up the business functions to support Charlotte day to day.



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