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Charlotte is lovely and makes the whole experience a pleasure. Gorgeous melts. Beautiful and long lasting. Great selection. The survey to see what you may like is great too. Packaging is great also.


I love that the business is eco-friendly and follows sustainable practices every step of the way, from the soy based wax melts to the
fully recyclable packaging. The melts themselves smell divine and look so cute in the heart shapes. My favourite so far is Dior Savage which I’ve been burning for 3 days straight and is still going strong.
Brilliant business, brilliant products!


I wasn’t sure what scent to go with and so they have a scent quiz, to help you choose! Absolutely amazing service and range of beautiful smelling melts. The ones I got were Dior savage, tropical crush and Figi white sands. I would definitely recommend ❤️


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Our Best Scented Wax Melts

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Do you have a store?
Currently you can only buy wax melts online. One day we hope to open a store in our local community!

We do offer free shipping on all orders over £15 however!
What are your strongest smelling wax melts?
All of our wax melts are strong in there own right, we recommend buying the scents you like the sound of but if you want an extra strong scent burn more at once. This ensures you get scents you love, and maximum coverage across your home.
Which are your best wax melts?
Some of our fan favourites are: Snow Fairy, Fiji White Sands, Lemon Lavender

Alternatively why not try out our sample box, we've packed it full of our favourite scents.
Why are CharlartsCrafts wax melts the best scented wax melts?
CharlartsCrafts wax melts stand out as the best scented wax melts for several reasons. First, our dedication to quality ensures that each melt is crafted from the finest, eco-friendly soy wax, which not only burns cleaner but also holds scents better, providing a long-lasting aroma. Our meticulous selection process for fragrance oils ensures that we capture a wide range of unique and captivating scents, tailored to suit any mood or setting. Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability means that not only are you choosing a product that's better for the environment, but you're also opting for scents that are pure, free from harmful chemicals, and perfectly balanced to create the most inviting and memorable olfactory experiences. At CharlartsCrafts, we believe in offering only the best, making our scented wax melts a superior choice for those who cherish quality and sustainability.

Learn more about our Scented Wax Melts

We are on a journey to become the best selling scented wax melts uk. We are a small business based in Suffolk and making wax melts is our passion. Follow the link below to find out more about CharlartsCrafts and how we started our scented wax melts business online.

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