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Autumn Wax Melts

Embrace the cosy spirit of fall with our enchanting wax melts, carrying scents of cinnamon spice, ripe apples, and wood smoke. These heart-warming aromas will kindle memories of laughter-filled gatherings, wrapping you in the comforting nostalgia of autumn. It's not just about scent, but creating a homely embrace. As these melts dissolve, so too will your heart, into the warmth of love and fond memories.
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Wax Melt Sample Box
Regular price£14.99£7.99
Snow Fairy Wax Melts
Regular price£3.99
Dior Sauvage Wax Melts
Regular price£3.99£3.49
Fiji White Sands Wax Melts
Regular price£3.99
Lemon Lavender Wax Melts
Regular price£3.99
Blueberry & Vanilla Wax Melts
Regular price£3.99£2.79
Black Cherry Wax Melts
Regular price£3.99£2.79
Cherry Bakewell Wax Melts
Regular price£3.99£3.29
Stag Night Wax Melts
Regular price£3.99
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