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Charlotte is lovely and makes the whole experience a pleasure. Gorgeous melts. Beautiful and long lasting. Great selection. The survey to see what you may like is great too. Packaging is great also.


I love that the business is eco-friendly and follows sustainable practices every step of the way, from the soy based wax melts to the
fully recyclable packaging. The melts themselves smell divine and look so cute in the heart shapes. My favourite so far is Dior Savage which I’ve been burning for 3 days straight and is still going strong.
Brilliant business, brilliant products!


I wasn’t sure what scent to go with and so they have a scent quiz, to help you choose! Absolutely amazing service and range of beautiful smelling melts. The ones I got were Dior savage, tropical crush and Figi white sands. I would definitely recommend ❤️


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Pet Odour Eliminator

CharlartsCrafts specializes in crafting wax melts that excel in eliminating pet odors, ensuring your home remains fresh and welcoming. Made from eco-friendly soy wax, our melts are specifically designed to target and neutralize the distinct odors that pets can bring into a home. Each scent is carefully chosen for its effectiveness in odor control, providing a clean, long-lasting fragrance that doesn't just mask, but genuinely clears the air. Understanding the importance of pet safety, our melts are non-toxic, ensuring they're as pet-friendly as they are effective in odor elimination. With CharlartsCrafts wax melts, enjoy an odor-free home that's both inviting and safe for all your four-legged family members.

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Do you use any animal-derived ingredients?
No, all of our wax melts are vegan-friendly. We pride ourselves on using Vegan only ingredients.
Are your wax melts animal cruelty free?
No animals are used in testing or harmed during the creation of any of our products. We ensure our supplies are all purchased from reputable suppliers and we strongly condem animal cruelty.
Are there any scents that are not pet friendly?
No. All of our scents are completely pet-friendly. We do not sell any wax melts that would cause harm to your pets.
What makes your scents pet-friendly?

There are two major contributors to what makes a wax melt pet-friendly.

Firstly we use soy wax instead of paraffin, soy wax is a cleaner burn, made from plant based materials.

Secondly we do not use essential oil, or real extracts in our scents. This means that while lavender is harmful to dogs, our lavender is not because it is a replication of the scent.

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